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Customer Communication Management (CCM) allows businesses to create digital documents quickly and share it with customers periodically or on-demand.

Whether you need to create invoice PDFs, monthly/renewal/digital wallet statements or movie tickets, our CCM API helps you easily create the document template and generate digital documents without any development effort! 

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What makes CCM the best choice for your brand

Go green


No compromise on safety

Going paperless is good for your business, customers, and the environment. Be the brand that cares.

Generate quick PDFs with pre-defined templates, multiple file format support, customizable fields and more!

With password protection, confidential information can be accessed by intended audience only.

Get the Sinch advantage

Your customers can be anywhere – at work, at home or enjoying a vacation. No matter where they are, they would love to receive and carry crucial personal information with them.

Customer Communication Management enables brands to create visually appealing digital documents quickly and send them across to customers periodically or on-demand. Bid goodbye to cumbersome paper communication!

Go ahead, create, and deliver PDFs via popular channels like WhatsApp, SMS, and email.

Eight out of 10 largest US-based tech companies trust Sinch. Join the league!

Championing the space with a host of capabilities


Communicate with customers in a language of their choice. 

Password protect

Prevent fraud and protect customer information to render an exceptional customer experience. 

Multiple file format

Create ready-to-use PDFs from other file types like TXT, CSV, JSON, and XML using our enterprise

grade solution.


Choose from appealing templates and customize with your brand URL. 

Multi-page documents

No restriction on the number of pages. Create and send PDFs without a hassle. 

Digital signature

Authenticate crucial data transfers with digital signatures.

Frequently asked questions on Customer Communication Management

How does Customer Communication Management help my business?
Customer Communication Management from Sinch India is a powerful PDF generation tool for businesses that eliminates the need of sharing your subscriber data with multiple vendors for generating and sending PDF documents over different channels. This solution allows an enterprise user to feed the data in raw format (CSV, TXT, JSON) and generate statements or other important communication digitally and as per the predefined template and the mapping logic.

How is the Customer Communication Management different from other similar solutions in the market?
Our solution has multiple capabilities and is the safest way to create and deliver crucial information pertaining to your customers. Not just that, it is backed by Sinch, leaders in the customer engagement space. In India, Sinch is trusted by over 75% of BFSI players including HDFC, Bank of Baroda, ICICI Bank, SBI, Axis Bank, Muthoot Finance and more. We’d love to talk to you and help you with sufficient information. You can write to us at 

Does Customer Communication Management allow digital signatures?
We understand that more and more customers are turning to the internet and their mobiles for every solution. To make it simpler for both businesses and their customers, we have included the provision of digital signatures. Briefly put, Customer Communication Management is your one-stop shop. 

Is the Customer Communication Management suitable for the banking industry?
Customer Communication Management is perfect for every industry including the banking sector. Be it Credit Card Statement, Bank Account Statement, Home Loan Statement, Personal Loan Statement, Income Tax Certificate, Digital Wallet Statements, On Demand and Monthly Statements or just about anything – your business will simply need the Customer Communication Management to create and generate visually appealing PDFs.

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